Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hugs and Kisses

More hugs

and a bit of a Goose

Funs' over- dinnertime.....

Saturday, June 21, 2008

keep away

BB and Duff spinning in circles

The object of such ferver?

A stick.

spring blooms

Sego Lily, Utah's State flower. The bulbs are edible but not what I'd call scrumptious.

Yarrow which makes a nice tea. You have to remember that it's a laxative however.... Actually on the list of medicinal plants Yarrow is quite impressive. The leaves can be used as first aid on cuts and abrasions to help clot the blood, the tea can stimulate sweating if you have a dry fever, and some claim it shrinks polyps.

Salsify aka Oyster plant. Now, these roots are edible and I would recommend them.

Larkspur- for that green soap tincture which kills lice. Not loved by cattlemen- it will poison the livestock.

False Dandelion. The petals have that little tooth at the tip- that's what makes them a "false" dandelion.

Dasies- oxeyes I think...

Blue Flax - how pretty they are and they close up at night open up for dawn and follow the sun all day long. What can't you use flax for? Linseed oil, rope, linen and linoleum it's all flax.

Allium. Hookers Onion edible bulb and onion smell. Onions are blood thinners and toxic to dogs.

pop bees

I'm not much of a gardener so what wants to grow , grows. These are some big beautiful poppies which come out every spring. The deer like them. Well, one deer in particular comes back every year. She seems to be a very happy sedate deer.

With so few flowers in the area we get a lot of bees and hummies around the poppies.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Puli sunrise

Busy as little bees...

Sunrise duty playing cameleon sagebrush

Hamming it up for the camera... (Luverboy)

Hedgie tag.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Spring has sprung

We get a lot of wind in the Spring and Summer (actually we get a lot of wind year round). That's a profile shot BTW.

The Indian Paintbrush is finally in bloom.

and the cactus....

and here's BB sniffing the false dandelion. At least he didn't sniff the cactus.


Duff.... the shy retiring type.....