Monday, July 7, 2008

Sweet Gin

Sweet Gin is gone. She was only here on the ranch a short while.

Here she is when she arrived from rescue (from a puppy mill). Her eyes have that wary look.

It didn't take long for her to settle in. Soon she and Jinks were running up and down the drive and digging for prairie dogs. She was a good hunter- not as good as Jinksy but she got three prairie dogs her first day here. It was wonderful seeing her become a dog after having lived in a cage for so long.

Last summer- such a short while ago - both Jinks and Gin doing a perfect recall and sit. Of course, this had nothing to do with the treats in my pocket.

In the snow this spring with that great big corgi grin.

Just a few days ago- still sweetness on four paws.

In March I took her to the Vet since she was lethargic. They found the signs of mild kidney failure. Off I went to yahoo groups to find a support group K9kidneydiet. The diet was switched to home made meat loaf in broth twice a day. Her numbers got a little better. That was until last week. At first it looked like the kidney disease had progressed and started that dreadful downward spiral. Unfortunately it wasn't just that, she started showing signs of a brain disorder of some kind, tilted head, circling , falling down and seizures. It just kept getting worse.

Yesterday, she left.

Dear sweet Gin. I hope you're playing with Jinksy and having a blast.