Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Aspen Ideas… 2015

They're baaaaaack…..

The logo leaf sculptures from 2014 came back for 2015 but this time they migrated to Anderson Park instead of lining the entry to Paepcke Auditorium.

They "grew" nicely

I particularly liked the way they were reflected in the water…

with ducks… of course….

Anderson Park was also the display area for an exhibit by J.R.

… and now a little bit about this year's process …. because… you know… it's always a process…..

One sculpture needed a repair which involved aluminum welding (beyond my poor welding skills) so the fine folks at Myer's took care of that for me.

As any painter will tell you white comes in many colors- thanks the The Paint Store in Carbondale there was an exact match…. (they don't do web much- they don't have to)

Then it was a matter of cleaning and resetting any plexi pieces which were missing…

…and finally for something a little different… the bases were covered with sod last year but that yellowed pretty quickly and wasn't at all attractive so I decided to go another way with the bases for this year.

Give them a nice degreasing and then suit up…
which is what you need to do when ever you're playing with heated plastic.

with some donations of old CDs from the Aspen Thrift Shop
Thank you Jeannie Walla for collecting them for me!

heated up a bit- hence the respirator…
cut up a bit…
and cut up a bit more….

then glued to each base…

and a bit more…. 

The CD bits reflect different colors which echo the "stained glass" of the leaves. 

There we have it- leaf logo sculptures 2015 safely back in their crates waiting to be called out for next year if needed…. (Back to Back Trucking is da bomb)

Thanks to the inimitable Allan Trumpler for his help with the crate repair and install…. 

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