Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Luv, Duff and the devil

Luverboy decided to have a little nap with the red devil squeak toy.

Duff decided this was just an invitation.....

Luverboy decided nap time was over...

...and the tug of war began....

It looked like a stalemate for while...

Until BB decided to "help" and as so often happens the "help" kindof spoiled the game... at least for Luverboy.

I don't know about you- but to me that certainly looks like one smug corgi.

Very smug.

sopris buffalo

This one's a little hard to see as it's so far away ... but the saying is that Spring is on the way when you see the buffalo on Sopris. The buffalo is just starting to emerge on the far east peak (left side of picture). If that weren't enough I saw the first ground squirrel of Spring today. That little darling tunneled through 2 feet of snow to sit on the drift and chirp at me. Ginny was too tired to chase him and the other 3 don't have a clue what a ground squirrel is yet. They will soon I'm sure.....

Monday, March 17, 2008

spring frolics

The snow is starting to get soft all over so I break through but the hellboyz and Duff do not.

Ginny seems to be enjoying the walk and some sun.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Get your licks

The snow is hard enough to run on and , apparently, also perfect for doggie snowcones. Everybody is eating snow.

blue mountain green sage

Kandinsky didn't lie. Sometimes when the morning fog is thick enough the mountains turn blue.

Spring thaw is really starting and the sage brush is starting to appear. This is probably the best time of year to walk through the sage. The snow is crusty enough to support your weight. It's too cold for bugs (like ticks- ticks love sage) and you have paths between the brush. Once the snow melts it will be much harder to pick your way through the scrub and cactus.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

barkaholic, ballaholic

It seems that Duff is a balldog. He really likes soccer but only as an indoor sport. I guess the faster paced indoor game has it's appeal for corgis as well.

Not surprisingly he went for this old tennis ball as well. He's certainly been around this game enough to know not to give the ball least not unless there's some big payoff involved.

Just how big a payoff was necessary I was about to discover. Regular readers will know that Ginny is a "barkaholic". We go out on our walks and she barks- non stop- right in your ear- or in this case- right in Duff's ear.

So Duff came up with an ingenious plan- he very carefully dropped the ball....

Which Ginny then picked up.....

You really can't bark with a ball in your mouth.

How do I know this was intentional? Duff didn't bat an eyelash when Ginny picked it up- he didn't try and get the ball back- he could care less about the ball. Mission accomplished....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Puli pull toy

Duff is learning the routine pretty quickly. He's already figured out that it's easier to hang on to a Puli's dreads than to chase them.....

I was warned when I got Duffy that he was "high energy". This is the perfect combination- they wear each other out- then crash- then play- then crash- then play.

Smart girl Ginny lies curled up in the doggie bed and lets them play. Sometimes she gets in the play mode herself which the Pulik take as a golden opportunity to maul Duffy.


Sunday night and Monday morning we had non stop wind. This made a hard crust on the snow and some pretty spectacular patterns in the drifts.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Getting to know you

Duffy is 2 years old so he's still a teenager. This means the play sessions between Duff and the Hellboyz can get quite animated. Ginny has decided that curling up and sleeping is more fun.

I think he's getting used to the ranch- plenty of room to run and some company. Like all Corgis he's a quick learner. Like all Corgis he'll probably be a quick "unlearner" too once he gets settled in and decides it's time to test the boundaries.


I know this is really difficult to see but even with a telephoto I wouldn't have been fast enough to catch these guys. They flushed a jackrabbit this morning- there's a teensy grey flash on the left which is the hare. The two black dots in the middle are the hellboyz and the larger black dot picking up the rear is new boy Duffy.

Corgis are fast but Pulik are faster. Nothing is quite as fast as a jackrabbit however. When someone says "Quick like a bunny." This is that bunny.

At first I thought this was a snowshoe hare but on closer inspection of the photo I think those are jackrabbit ears....