Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spinning into butter, letter to the editor

You'd be hard pressed to fit the width of a butter knife between the views of  the two runoff candidates for City Council.

How to choose? I am left with the issues which  we have consistently ignored for decades.  The issues of enabling entrepreneurial creativity for our young adults,  the issue of the Performing Arts Center  event horizon which has remained frozen in time for 36 years, the issue of caring for our aging population, the issue of  our collapsing infrastructure which threatens the very heart of our FIS history,  these are the issues I see as orphans which have been smothered by a surfeit of polemic and paucity of  will.  

A brewery passes for entrepreneurial encouragement. 

The Performing Arts Center is mentioned only when the RETT pot of gold looks fat enough to pilfer.  

If  half the seniors who voted in the last election needed assisted living how would they fit into the 15 apartments at  Whitcomb Terrace

Lift 1A, Lift 1A, Lift 1A….. ?

Aspen proves that money does not solve everything.  We need a focused leadership, a forward thinking leadership, a leadership which can break beyond the vicious circle of reactive legislation….

 …. to proactive governance.  The fact that we are facing the same problems of 10-20-30-40 years ago makes past strategies suspect. What new strategies do our two candidates have to offer which could get us out of our rut and move us forward?  

Friday, May 15, 2015

Groasis 3 years in...

It's time to check in on the Groasis Waterboxxes. If you want to see the previous posts please search for Groasis or use this link.

Of the bare root choke cherries I started with in 2013 one is doing very well. These are the bare root choke cherries I got from  Cold Stream Farm in Michigan It's gone from this:

to this: 2014
to this: 2015

The other choke cherries from Rocky Mountain Native plants were tiny seedlings:

and I had my doubts that these would ever make it to the sunlight;
but look at that!

Without irrigation and really, without any attention or care. So to recap I had some difficulty the first year with deer eating the bare root trees (giving myself a dope slap for that). My local supplier only had seedlings so that's what I used to replace the bare root starters which the deer had munched. I had a couple of waterboxxes which lost water because of root infiltration so I had to caulk and refill those. Sometimes I clear the water intake funnels but that's about it. 

I'll keep posting but overall I'm confident enough to give these a try for something more substantial than choke cherries. To be continued….