Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sun Yat-Sen

I've been down in Santa Fe for a week. It's only a 7 hour drive. This time I drove through snow at the Colorado New Mexico border. Yes, the weather is nuts.

I love Santa Fe. I lose 5 pounds out of my wallet and gain 5 pounds around my waist whenever I drive through.

I've had a long relationship with Santa Fe, and more specifically with the Santa Fe Opera.

I went down this time to visit with designer Allen Moyer and director James Robinson.

They're doing a North American premiere of Huang Ruo's Opera "Dr. Sun Yat Sen"

Lucky me! Last week there were rehearsals on stage. Unfortunately I didn't get to hear a rehearsal with the orchestra (or see James Schuette's costumes or Chris Akerlind's lighting). The piano accompaniment just doesn't do this score justice as  maestro Carolyn Kuan says "there is no beat" and the piano just isn't fast enough to keep the seamless flow of Huang Ruo's music. (His music reminds me of Ancient Voices of Children by George Crumb.)

I have no pictures for you but I was able to do a few sketches. I love doing these on an iPad mini. You can draw quickly  with a stylus or with your finger. During a rehearsal fast is good and I found myself doing speed drawing for speed poses.  Sean Curran's choreography is just stunning.

The style is linear. The story is cyclical. 

Your eye follows the motion and the curves.

Your eye follows the  flow which is seamless and rolls out like a rice paper scroll.

It's a love story after all...

within a Revolution.

The opening is Saturday July 26 2014.

(Yes, breakfast at Tia Sophia, lunch at Pasqual's and dinner at Geronimo's, no,  not on the same day. Now I need to recuperate.)

Epilogue: The NY Times review

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