Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Lake Christine Fire continued

July 10

Okay this is going to be a long update.  It ain't over till it's over. Here's the executive summary: After El Jebel was saved by extraordinary firefighters the monster moved up Basalt Mountain and set it on fire. The monster kept eating beetle kill through old growth forest and wildlife habitat, exploding pinions and turning them into rockets which shot across the mountain making spot fires on both the East and West steeps which fueled it's march towards the North and Gypsum.  As I write this extraordinary efforts from an army of firefighters, first responders, helicopter pilots, water truck drivers, and all manner of support teams have reached 87% containment.  It's almost impossible to imagine how rough the terrain is where this battle rages.... but here is the view from where I am... 

July 10 and Basalt Mountain is smoking from spot fires.
There was the promise of rain on July 11
...but nothing up on the Heights... this was my view driving back to the ranch...
July 12
Having missed the "parade" for the firefighters I made a little sign.
You can see Basalt Mountain smoking in the background.

Because a sign has two sides....
Helicopters were flying over head 
The mountain was still smoking
...and the heli crews were working....
... and the view at night left no doubt..
July 13
... and the mornings began to fill with smoke...
making for spectacular sunsets
and ominous sunrises 
July 18 brought wind
The Pyrocumulous grew

and grew
July 18
July 19
 It ain't over till it's over

Midnight July 20-21 it was time to bug out again.
July 21
Coming home from Denver on I70 the smoke from Lake Christine turned the sky orange 
July 22!!!
Look closely 00.07"
Report for July 23... the monster is still growing...
in the afternoon two more RAIN events
bringing another 00.13" 
July 27
more smoke and moving north on the East side of Basalt Mountain
The big kids move in next door....
July 28
Total for Saturday 00.18"

and with the rain and the helicopters the result today is:

87% containment

The evacuation orders have been lifted 

I still have helicopters overhead. 

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